Upcoming Project

Upcoming Projects

Solar Power Plant

SGT Solarsys is already involved in the installation of their first 2.2 Megawatts solar plant, and looking for further expansion of another 3 Megawatts during the end of the upcoming calendar year and planning to extend a minimum of 5 megawatts every year based on the clients and their requirements.

EV Charging Station

The growth of electric vehicles (EVs) and the behavior of EV drivers are increasing the demand for electric vehicle charging stations, and Utilities across the world are evolving their energy efficiency programs to provide incentives for EV charging stations. One of the biggest concerns for electric vehicle (EV) owners is knowing when and how to charge their vehicles. Charging one’s EV takes a little more planning, but with the growing demand and incentives for alternatives to gas-powered cars, public EV charging stations are becoming a more common sight.

SGT Solarys next and the upcoming project is Installing EV Charging Stations across the states, we are in discussion with the leading EV Charging hardware service provider for the same, and will start the charging stations in the upcoming financial years.