Commercial Solar Plant

Commercial Solar Plant

The process of a solar power plant involves the generation of DC power from solar panels and this needs to be converted into AC power so that it can be used to power various types of machinery in a business unit. In this way, The SGT Solarsys Private Limited offers the Supply of Solar Electricity for Industries and Factories across the Country.

Types of solar power plants

There are three types of commercial solar power plants On-Grid, Off-Grid, and Hybrid that can be developed to suit certain types of requirements.

The On-Grid type is compatible with the AC power of the grid supply. This system supplies power directly from the solar power plant during the daytime and if the supply is insufficient it allows supply from the grid. This system also enables the earning of revenue by supplying excess power generated to the grid through net metering.

The Off-Grid system is independent of the grid supply. This is useful when grid supply is erratic or when there is no grid supply at all.

The Hybrid system is a combination of Off-Grid and On-Grid systems. This offers many advantages such as acting as standby power and generating revenues when excess power is supplied to the grid.

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