Board Members

Kaverapadi Chandrasekaran Hariee Prakaash

Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Kaverapadi Chandrasekaran Hariee Prakaash is the founder of the company, holding the position of Managing director and Chief Executive Officer of our company. He had business experience of more than two and half decades in various verticals. Also holding the position of Chairman, Executive Director, and Director in his other business ventures in India and other countries.

He is the Key Person to start up this venture, After so many hurdles, so much research, groundwork, and a lot of discussions with his associates and with experts on these verticals, he had started this venture with the board members.

He is currently responsible for Company’s financial performance, investments, and new business ventures. Guiding with his associates by providing strategic advice to the Board, developing and executing the Company’s business strategies, and establishing policies and legal guidelines.

Ashok Kumar Rajendran

Director & Chief Financial Officer – CFO

Ashok Kumar Rajendran, is one of the directors and Chief Financial Officer of our company. A master’s degree Holder from Liverpool Maritime University – United Kingdom. Also the Executive Director of Trading Company in the UK, He had joined with the hands of our chairman for more than 8 years, giving his hard work and full support to all the team members to bring up this concern to next level.

Having vast experience of handling financial sectors, providing financial strategies, He is currently responsible for inter alia, leading our Company’s short and long-term strategy and setting strategic goals. He is a quick learner and adapts to the situation as it comes, having experience in the field of engineering, solar and Solar bi-products.

Kuppuswamy Siva

Director & Chief Technology Officer – CTO

Kuppuswamy Siva is another Director and Chief Technology Officer of our company, he is a computer science Engineer, having vast experience in handling the operational sectors. He is an effective leader and driven business person who can spur company growth, maintain key operational procedures, create new processes and ensure day-to-day operational excellence.

He will provide leadership and strategic vision to the organization, they will bring operational, managerial, and administrative procedures, reporting structures, and operational controls to the company. having his experience, he will effectively communicate and faster growth among the executive team and all employees.

Ramamurthy Varadhanarayanan

General Manager – Administration

Ramamurthy Varadhanarayanan – He is the General Manager of our company, Graduate having strong experience in the field of administrative operations and function in various organizations, now associated with our company. He is a sincere, hard worker, and a motivated person, who can handle the day-to-day administrative work, providing strategies and planning for a smoother and problem-free environment for the company.

Sheena Prakaash

Senior Manager – Human Resources and Accounts

She is the Senior Manager of our company and also the backbone of the company, holding the position of Human Resource and Accounts department of the organization, working in various concern as HR and Accounts executive for more than two decades, can handle the HR and Accounts related works, also having a good relation with bank officials, now associated with our company on the same position, for the growth and success of the company to move the organization to next level.