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3. Lexical Useful resource Investigation : The use of vocabulary appears pretty affordable but makes an attempt to use a broader range are not normally prosperous (see corrections higher than). Almost certainly not fairly very good plenty of for a 7.

Approximate score for Lexical Source: Band six or six. The exact IELTS Sample Essay – Grammatical Range and Accuracy Examination. Certainly, funds is an crucial component in our life.

It is hard for any people to settle for a husband or wife which does not have revenue or at the very least a task to acquire treatment of future family members . Hence, said “marry for dollars” (#5) also has its appropriate in some extent .

However, enjoy need to be the root of any marriages . For starters, it is since enjoy is this kind of a glue to link two individuals which have their personal life, grow to be a person. So, they can share every single other’s the disappointment , pleasure to prevail over any issues in daily lives . In addition, appreciate will make men and women increasing up for the reason that they do not only have obligation to on their own, but also to their partners as well.

That is why marrying with enjoy is generally encouraged. In my feeling, I consider that both of those like and income is both of those necessary. Relationship relying on money would be swiftly disintegrated when sad to say the cash is run out .

In opposite , marriage relying on appreciate would often appear to close when they could not earn income to have out spouse and children , these kinds of as paying expenses, acquiring foodstuff, etcetera . Consequently, adore and income should really stand with each other in marriage even nevertheless their contribution could be unbalanced.

As we have seen, relationship without both money or adore would arrive to an sad ending. So I think that they each have their personal contribution to a merry family members. 4. Grammatical Array and Precision Investigation : Despite the fact that the essay is rather uncomplicated to comply with, it has too quite a few grammatical mistakes in much too several sentences to benefit a 7 score (see corrections highlighted higher than).

The variety of grammatical constructions used appears quite very good. Approximate score for Grammatical Selection and Precision: Band 6 or six. Improving the Sample Essay to Reach an IELTS Band 7. The very same essay now at all around a Band 7 amount might appear a little something like this. Study it meticulously and assess it with the primary:Certainly, cash performs an vital component in our life. It is really hard for any folks to settle for a associate who does not have cash or at minimum a job to take treatment of their future household.

That’s why, it is reported, “marry for dollars” is correct in some extent. However, love really should be the root of any marriage. To begin with, it is simply because love is such a powerful bond between two people who have their individual lives, and turn into 1. So, they can share each other’s unhappiness, pleasure to triumph over any challenges in their every day life.

Additionally, adore tends to make people expand up because they do not only have obligation to themselves, but also to their companions as effectively. That is why marrying for adore is normally encouraged. In my belief, I consider that enjoy and cash are both needed. A relationship relying on funds would fast disintegrate when unfortunately the funds ran out. In contrary, a relationship relying on like would in some cases appear to close when they could not receive money to carry out relatives responsibilities this sort of as shelling out charges, shopping for food, etc.

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