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“I thought that my creative process wasn’t gonna be the same because I wasn’t on drugs no more,” he said. However, when the reporter asked if his creative process was the same, he admitted it was even better. The reality star frequently talked about rehab and sobriety for years. On August 9, 2018, she took to Instagram to share that she’d had a relapse — but was celebrating a year of sobriety once again.

  • In recent years, the duo had begun the labor of casting off these emotional weights.
  • The success of his 2022 song “Turn the World Around,” the first song he wrote while sober, proved his creativity in music making could thrive without the use of substances.
  • “No judgement to anyone. Be gentle with yourself.” She went on to tell her followers that she was “sober & loving life” after sharing a video of herself cooking fried chicken.
  • GZA, patron saint of vegetarian rappers, became the clan’s raw food guru, and by 2014, RZA was starring in PETA videos saying, “I don’t need a dead animal or dead piece of flesh to go into my live body.
  • Aside from talking about his sobriety, Uzi recently addressed the controversy about the Satan-referencing line in an unreleased song of his and said he doesn’t think fans should take it too literally.

Though it may seem like drug use is conducive to creativity in the rap world, there are several rappers who prove that this is not the case. The Scottish DJ revealed in an interview with the BBC in 2009 that despite his career choice, he has forgone consuming alcohol for the better. Harris expressed, “I stopped drinking because it actually was making me ill. It was affecting my brain in the worst way.” In a 2008 cover story with BlackBook, the actress revealed, “I went through a normal kind of late teens, early 20s drinking, but it was a choice I made, because I didn’t think it was very good for my life.”

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The music legend was inspired to get sober over 30 years ago in 1990 after seeing the AIDS epidemic take a toll on society. He told The Fix in 2017, “Within six months I became sober, and clean, and have been for the last 27 years.” After such a momentous change in the duo’s lives, it only makes sense that their new album, Sing Me A Lullaby, My Sweet Temptation, represents not only a musical change in direction but also a renewal of spirit and promise. “This album definitely is the most feel-good album out of anything that we’ve done,” Ruby explains.

TMZ caught up with Uzi on Tuesday (March 14) to ask him about his creative process for his upcoming project, The Pink Tape. The Philly rap star revealed that getting sober has helped him in ways he would never have imagined. The “Thrift Shop” rapper said on “People’s Party With Talib Kweli” in January 2021 that he “was about to die” at age 25 before his father, Bill Haggerty, paid more than $10,000 for him to go to a 30-day rehab. That’s not to be f–king dramatic — that’s just what it is,” Macklemore, who relapsed in 2011 and 2014, said on the podcast.

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“I was going to go to the grave before I ever got sober,” $crim says. And it wasn’t just some little cute habit that I had to kick. I wish it was as easy as just waking up every day and making the choice. I’m involved in some 12-step programs that I do every day, and the people I trust to keep around me are a good support group.” In 2020, Ruby had a similar revelation after $crim and the team had an intervention for him. The Teen Wolf alum announced in March 2019 that he is six months sober after quietly battling drug and alcohol addiction for a decade.

The actress revealed on CBS This Morning in December 2021 that she quit drinking alcohol two and a half years prior. “It was something I realized just did not serve me and sober rappers my life,” she said, noting that she’s “been very private with a lot of struggles” because of social media. Name it, and your favorite rapper has probably rapped about it.

Celebrities Who Don’t Drink Alcohol

Em has vacillated between addiction and sobriety for years, and you can usually tell which songs were recorded sober and which he recorded stoned out of his mind. Em once told “VIBE” that he had to relearn how to record music sober. In an interview with, Iggy Azalea admitted that she doesn’t drink alcohol or do drugs. Take a look at this list and find out which of your favorite rap stars abstain from drugs and alcohol. Elton John’s battle with excess drugs, alcoholism, and an eating disorder is just another story that shines light on the dark side of fame.

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Fans also noticed that her eyes were yellow and speculated that she was struggling with alcohol abuse. Ten years later, he is happy to see that drugs and alcohol are not required ingredients of his creative output. “Drugs and alcohol did not help me play music any better — and surely did not inspire me to be creative as a composer at all,” he said. The rapper, 47, announced on Instagram that he’s 12 years sober, sharing a photo of his sobriety chip. Could Wu-Tang Clan be responsible for the wave of rappers who have renounced animal products and processed foods? GZA, patron saint of vegetarian rappers, became the clan’s raw food guru, and by 2014, RZA was starring in PETA videos saying, “I don’t need a dead animal or dead piece of flesh to go into my live body.

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That same month, she shared that Holly Whitaker’s book, Quit Like a Woman, inspired her sobriety journey. In an essay for GQ, the singer revealed that when she stopped drinking alcohol in January 2021, that was “the most rebellious thing” she’s ever done. “I drank because I was worried about the state of the world, I drank because I was bored, I drank because I missed tour, I drank because I was unemployed, I drank because everyone else drinks,” she revealed.

sober rappers

I don’t actually know.” But realizing she had what could be an issue, P! It was his fiancé Tricia Davis learning she was pregnant that led him to once again get sober. The Pretty Little Liars actress told InStyle in 2017 that her decision to embrace the sober life all started when she decided to chop off most of her hair into the cute bob hairstyle she has now.

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