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10 VR Programming Languages for Developing VR Applications

If you are new to software development, an introductory coding course like Coding for Everyone, a C and C++ Specialization, is a good place to get started. If you already have a foundational knowledge of software development, think about going straight to a VR-specific course like the Virtual Reality Specialization from the University of London. VR has numerous applications in military and defense, including training simulations, mission planning, and analysis.

  • Interactive experiences are much more engaging than studying alone; plus, they give you valuable practice, which helps reinforce learning.
  • JavaScript is part of the backbone of the Internet, along with CSS and HTML.
  • Google’s Cardboard and Daydream VR platforms rely on Java for creating VR applications that run on Android devices.
  • Python’s extensive libraries, such as PyOpenGL for 3D graphics or PyOpenVR for interacting with the OpenVR API, can be valuable tools for VR programmers.
  • Java has a large and active community, making it easy for developers to find resources and help when needed.
  • It was initially designed for large systems and resource-contained software but is also used in other contexts, including video games and e-commerce.

Before learning about metaverse code language, you must explore every aspect of VR before you start creating content. And, we’re not speaking of gaming only – but the overall experience. You must get into the shoes of newbies and imagine how they experience this fictionalized reality. C is an older programming language that is still widely used because of its practical application and close syntactic relationship to C++, C# and Java. This multi-purpose programming language is often used in software development and operating systems. Because JavaScript is one of the most common client-side programming languages, many programming employers look for this skill.

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They managed to turn that passion into a career in the real-world, and so can you. Bottom line, Java is an older…but perhaps wiser, programming language for VR development. Fulldive is a virtual reality platform that allows you access to various forms of media in a virtual reality context. This means you can enjoy content in a Cardboard or Daydream virtual reality headset. This can be a subjective opinion, but many VR developers seem to like Unity as a game engine.

programming languages for vr

The uses of Python vary, but it is especially in demand in artificial intelligence (AI) development, machine learning (ML) development, building websites and desktop application development. In this section, we list the easiest programming languages to learn in no particular order, as they are all easily learnable languages. Developing for Oculus can help you get your VR content published, but it isn’t the only option. The VR industry includes other platforms like Google Play, Steam, and Viveport, and many companies hire in-house VR developers. Consider exploring software development career paths with a focus on VR.

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Specialists employ it to generate Unity content, which is the famous game engine. Implementing such a structure allows an application to work on different devices, from PC to Mac, creating universal programs to run on Android and iOS. In conclusion, programming languages play a critical role in the development of VR applications. C++, C#, and UnityScript are the most commonly used programming languages for vr, while Unreal Engine uses its own language called Blueprint.

programming languages for vr

Since virtual reality gaming is considered the future of the video game industry by many, jobs will likely increase. The “best” programming language to learn is a personal choice based on your interests, prior experience, and future professional goals. Apple not only has an official programming language, but they also have their SDK, dubbed ARKit. As a result, if you know Swift, designing AR applications for iOS devices will be a breeze.

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It is highly recommended that you know, or at least are familiar with at least one coding language. They vary in price, but games are relatively cheap compared to console games. If you were looking to break through into professional virtual reality gaming, the cost would probably be anywhere from $10,000 to $300,000. If you are just looking at creating a relatively small vr application, C# is what you can use. Because Unity is written in C#, you must have some sophisticated coding skills to work on it.

programming languages for vr

Anything that Unity can’t provide in terms of learning can be easily addressed by tapping into its large community. Virtual Reality (VR) has slowly become a technology used in various media and experiences. Up until recently, it was used mainly in large-scale theme parks as an attraction or medical and research facilities in laboratories and patient recovery centres. Nowadays, with the advancements in VR headset technology, the market has begun to slowly expand to common households. The search for VR development is increasing, and new technologies and libraries have surfaced in response (and continue to do so!). If you don’t know how to tackle a coding error, or not sure how to setup part of your application, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Top 6 Most Popular AR & VR Programming Languages for Custom Projects

Even when you’re not faced with a roadblock, immersing yourself in online how-to videos, step-by-step programming guides, or experimenting with shared code is a great learning experience. Whether that’s troubleshooting, searching for development setup guides or just asking for advice on an online forum, there are a ton of resources available to help you in your journey. Seeing how other developers work and approach VR can provide a unique perspective on how you understand programming and work as a developer. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a style sheet language used to describe the presentation of documents written in HTML or other markup languages. CSS3, the next generation of cascading style sheets, expands the ability to control the presentation of web content. When used in combination with HTML5, CSS3 enables developers to create visually appealing, web-based VR experiences.

programming languages for vr

However, regardless of the complexity, JavaScript is one of the first go-to languages when it comes to coding for metaverse. Basically, JavaScript makes Web-based VR as simple as possible and easy to download. It has become one of the most common VR languages for gaming projects due to its versatility. C++ is a high-performance programming language that is widely used for developing VR applications. It is preferred by developers because of its efficiency, speed, and ability to handle complex calculations.


To become a prolific VR developer or to learn virtual reality programming for metaverse, you must expose yourself to VR. Many individuals find HTML and Ruby to be more accessible programming languages. Codecademy offers a paid, 15-hour course that includes a certification upon completion. Three.js is the popular 3D JavaScript library that lets programmers create virtual reality software.

Due to the use of the Objective-C runtime library, Swift, C++, and Objective-C can all run in the same program. WebGL is a JavaScript API that is used to create 3D graphics in web browsers. It is widely used for creating AR and VR experiences that run on web browsers and is a great choice for developers who want to create experiences that are accessible to a wider audience.

Most popular 3D Modelling Software for producing AR and VR Content:

It works across both platforms (PC and Mac) and most of the VR applications are coded in Unity. Using the most popular language for the most popular engine is a ‘virtual’ no-brainer. It also has an extensive network of enlisted designers—should you need development help. C# would be a useful VR programming language for both veteran and new developers who are just getting started. It is good to know because it is widely used for developing games with Unity, the most popular game engine out there. It will work on both Mac and PC, and a ton of VR apps are created with C#.

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